Product Information


We grow a variety of vegetable crops on our own farms as well as through various cropping arrangements with other local farmers. These products, together with other purchased crops are washed, graded and processed in our factory at Antony. We have full traceability on all our crops, so we can guarantee the quality of product throughout our processing.

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We grow a number of varieties all with specific end usage in mind, ensuring the best possible performance whatever the processes involved. Our modern storage facilities ensure the potatoes are in top condition at all times. We can supply washed, graded and peeled. We can pack in retail bags, plastic bins or boxes as well as bulk for volume users. Flaked or diced potatoes also available packed in various weights.


We can supply chilled fresh peeled brown and red onions. Our up to date peeling lines allow us to produce top quality peeled onions to meet the most exacting specifications. We can pack in either 10kg or 15kg food grade plastic bags, available stacked and wrapped on plastic pallets for easy handling.


We supply washed swede, already ‘top and tailed’ in 350kg plastic bins. We also supply peeled, flaked and diced swede packed in various weights.

Carrot and Parsnip:

We are suppliers of carrot and parsnip for catering purposes in various weights. These can be processed in a variety ways including peeled, quartered and diced. We also supply baton carrots.

Other Vegetables:

Together with our farming partners we are able to supply a range of other vegetables, for example, leeks, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, butternut squash and sweet potato in a variety of formats. Please enquire for details.

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